Monday, March 22, 2010

Buffet of Pictures

WEll, we have been busy the past few weeks. That, and Daniel had his computer with him for a WHOLE week. So because those are my excuses... here is what we have been up to the past few months. They are in recent to oldest order.

On spring break we went to quite a few places. To end the week we went to Galveston to stay at Daniels parents bay house. Caitlyn and Micah are getting older and are really liking the beach and of course wanting to go any chance they can. It was a chilly day at the beach on Friday. I couldnt believe that people were actually getting into the ocean, the water was freezing. Caitlyn did have a suit on under her clothes and just had to try the water. She loved it at first but then complained that she was too cold and wanted to go home. But until then, Caitlyn and Micah played in the sand and loved it and actually came back home with some cute rosy cheeks.
This picture is actually out of order, but thats ok. (Still trying to figure out my blog and this computer after two years. On a previous computer I was able to move the pictures around, but I am having trouble with Daniels Mac) This pic is of Micah trying sushi for the first time and as much as he tried to like it... he just didnt. Thats ok. We still love him.
Thursday we went to the zoo. CRAZY day at the zoo. EVERYONE was there. Fun day with our friends, The Munsons.
Wednesday we went to Wolf Creek Park where Daniels sister's family was camping. We spent the day with them there and actually had a really good time. That's saying a lot coming out of my mouth... I am quite the city girl and my idea of camping includes a hotel.
(Chillin' by the fire)
(enjoying the park)
(daniel and I enjoying the park)
(Caitlyn loving the slide... that has been at this park forever. This slide is in many family pictures in Daniel's family)
Monday while waiting for daddy to get home from his long trip away... we went to NorthShore Park and enjoyed that day with some friends of ours.
(this is a pic, of course and not a video... but this was the day that Micah officially learned how to walk.)
The friday before, Micah learned that he LOVED the swing.
Wednesday (a week and a half ago) Caitlyn had Go texan day at school and here she is in her cowgirl outfit.

(Valentines Day card that came in the mail for my little valentines)
All dressed up for a Valentines party at school.
Micah LOVING his birthday cupcake.
Happy Birthday my 1 year old little man. (January 5) (yup... I think I have been way behind)

I have come to realize that as wonderful as technology is and how easy it is to upload pictures from your camera to the computer. It is way easier to use my iPhone.

Ok... there Im all caught up. Now I can relax. Hope you guys had as much fun as we did for Spring Break.


Lacey said...

Awesome pictures!! I can take some more for you next weekend if you still want me too. :)

Kristyn said...

Wow...that is alot. I know that life sure does get busy!! It's sometimes a drag to have to update your blog, but it's nice once it's done. Great pics! The kids are getting cuter and cuter each day!

ashley said...

I love all of the pictures of your precious kiddos!! What a cute little family!!