Thursday, March 4, 2010

What should I do???

I have this nook in my kitchen that I would like to have as a holiday nook. Well, instead of just doing Easter or St. Pattys Day, I decided to go with a Spring idea. This is what I have so far... but it just looks unfinished to me. Any ideas????


Emily said...

i think it looks great! I love the ribbon you decided on, and the butterflies are cute. Maybe take a picture from farther back so we can see how much space is left. But I'm not good with decorating so I'm not sure I would have any good ideas!

Lacey said...

I think it looks great too. Love the birdcage! If you want something "more" I am sure Kelly Moody can find something to add. :) She is good with seasonal decorations. But I like it how it is. :) And I agree with Emily take a picture farther back so we can see how much space is left. :)

Anonymous said...

what about having past season pictures of the kids. Like the kids with santa, easter bunny, valentine pics, etc.
you can change the pics with the season.