Saturday, April 17, 2010

A donut morning

Good morning everyone!!!
We ate donuts for breakfast this morning. Caitlyn LOVES it when we have homemade donuts. Not only does she just love the donuts, but she loves to help make them. They really are simple and a treasured "recipe" that I picked up from my mother in law.

Purchase at the store some "whomp-em" biscuits. (Pre-made dough biscuits that you have to "whomp" on the counter to pop open.) :) Hand flatten and stretch them out a bit to make a good size donut, this is the part Caitlyn loves to help with.

Now usually we just stretch them out and create a hole in the middle of them, they wont turn out pretty, but still will taste great. Well Caitlyn and I found us some small cookie cutters and decided to create donut holes too. We like the way these turn out better.
Then drop them in the fryer, they really do cook pretty fast so keep an eye on them. When they are as cooked as you prefer them to be, take them out and drain on a paper towel. We love to accessorize our donuts with powder sugar or cupcake icing or cinnamon/sugar and/or sprinkles. Ymmmmmm. Below is a picture of our finished donuts, only one has some icing on it. Cute huh??????
Enjoy!!!! (Yes, this is NOT considered one of our healthy breakfasts)


Sandra Kozlowski said...

My step-mom made these for us growing up. I remember LOVING them!

andrea said...

what a cute idea!

andie said...

our mom made homemade donuts for us when we were growing up. they were so good! cute post!

Scoop said...

My kind of recipe - easy and yummy! Too bad I don't have "whomp em" biscuits available to me here!