Monday, April 19, 2010

Wanting Ideas

My sister in law is expecting her first baby, a son. I am so excited for her and my brother and I have offered to throw her a baby shower. I am thrilled and know that this is going to be lots of fun, for her and for me. :o) I have lots of ideas of things I want to do, to serve, to decorate and so on at this shower. But, I believe that you can NEVER have too many ideas. So this is where you come in. Would you please let me know of some amazing ideas that you have seen at some great showers or have done yourself that were an immediate hit. I would love to hear them. Please feel free to leave more than one idea. :O) Thanks!!!


Lisa said...

My sis-in-law did a shower game for me that had everyone laughing, she put mini candy bars in NB diapers and popped them in the microwave for several seconds, and then had all the ladies inspect each *dirty* diaper and try to determine what kind of candy bar it was =)

For another fun game you give the ladies a clothespin to clip on themselves when they arrive, and tell them that they cannot say the word *baby*, if anyone catches them saying *baby* that person may take their clothespin (plus any others that they may have already accumulated). Whoever ends up with the most clothespins at the end of the shower gets a prize.

Good luck with the shower!

Lindsay said...

Ok I love throwing parties and I am all about the details, so forgive me if I totally go overboard with ideas. :)

Check out this link:
If she names him before the shower, you can get these as a centerpiece on a table, and then she can have them as a gift when the shower's over.

Also another idea for a decoration that also serves as a gift is to hang a "clothesline" with cute boy onesies & socks hanging from clothespins over the mantle or something, then she gets the onesies to take home. (You can get those 5-packs of onesies from Carters or Gerber.)

A fun, easy game: Get tiny plastic babies (like the ones that go in King Cakes. I think you can find them in the baby shower favor aisles of places like Hobby Lobby, etc.), fill a few ice trays with water and put a baby in each cube. Freeze them. Once everyone has arrived at the shower and has their drinks (punch, water, etc.) go around with an ice bucket filled with the 'baby cubes' and drop one into everyones drink. Then the person whose "water breaks" first (the ice cube melts and the baby comes out) wins a prize.

Ok, I'll stop now because I'm not even sure blogger is going to let me post a comment this ridiculously long! :)

Lindsay said...

Sorry. My link didn't show up all the way. Try this:

Lindsay said...

Ugh! It did it again. Now I'm like the stalker on your blog who comments 3 times!

Ok, well the link is to some personalized blocks with the baby's name on them. You can go to and search that and I'm sure a bunch of stores that sell them will come up.

Jen said...

Here is a great website to look for ideas: (I don't know how to make it a hyperlink..will hv to copy and paste).
The girls/boys showers are all mixed together but you can def find some cute ideas from there as far as decorations, etc! So much would be easy to make yourself!
Also, diaper cakes are fun to make for showers.
I went to a shower where they passed around a journal for every guest to write down advice for the new parents, I loved that idea too! I'm trying to rack my brain for other ideas!

ashley said...

A fun idea that I've used for showers is to put the little rubber duckies in the punch bowl! It looks cute & makes a good gift! Diaper cakes make for an awesome center piece! Baby shower bingo is a fun game to play & keeps everyone engaged as the guest of honor is opening presents!

andie said...

print the following on the baby invitations:
Although greeting cards are nice,
They are only ready once or twice.
But a story book is a treasure
That will always give pleasure.
So instead of a greeting card to be put aside,
Please give a story book with your name inside.
(stole this idea from Amber Massingill)