Thursday, September 30, 2010


I met this little guy October 3, 2009. I remember that day. It was a saturday. Three big things were happening that day. One, it was furniture moving day for us into our very first home that we owned. Two, It was Daniel's cousin Kari's wedding day. I was very blessed and excited to coordinate and work her wedding. Three, It was meeting Storm day. I remember at the wedding, Lindsay, Daniel's sister and her husband Jason had to leave the reception early to go "babysit" for a couple of hours a six month old little boy that they were possibly going to adopt. I was very excited for them and eager to meet the little guy as well. When I got home after the wedding and reception, they were at our house chilling for a while. Jason was helping Daniel with moving some furniture in and Linds and her daughter Sarah were playing with Storm. Since Lindsay and Jason live out in Cypress, there was no reason to drive all the way home only to have to drive back an hour or so later to return this little guy to his foster parents, whom we happened to lived near. I walked through the front door and there he was, Storm playing in my empty dining room floor. I noticed he had beautiful big blue eyes and that he was quite a drooler. I also noticed that he was a cautious dude. Poor guy had been rotated through families and didnt really know who to trust and relax around. It amazed me how rotating through families affected even a 6 month old. Even at that age, they do know their surroundings and who to feel safe with. I'm not sure of how Linds and Jason felt at that time... but I knew that he would fit perfectly well with our family and that he would be loved. I also was excited that he would be an awesome cousin for Micah to play with, who is just 2 months older.

Now, almost a year later, Storm is doing well. I hear he has become quite the momma's boy yet he is not "sissyfied." He also is "all boy." He loves to climb and move furniture... we are thinking his body type shows he could be a great wrestler or football player.
He has worked his way into all of our hearts and we would like to make it official...

Location:Calvary Community Church
Time:5:30PM Sunday, October 24th

We love you Storm James Womack!