Sunday, January 2, 2011

Micah is 2!!!

I cannot believe that my baby boy is 2 years old today. 2!!!! He was just a baby the other day. Again... where did the time go? When I was pregnant and heard that I was having a little boy, I was very nervous. All I knew at that time was how to raise a little girl and was unsure what a little boy would bring into my life. Everyone told me how wonderful little boys were and how great it was to have a "momma's boy." Also they would say how sweet little boys are and loving to their mommas. Wow were they right. Now I do have to say that my precious Micah is not a Momma's boy, he ended up being a HUGE Daddy's boy and I am actually ok with that. But my precious Micah is a sweetie and does love on me quite a bit and it just melts my heart everytime he does. Micah Daniel, I love you and you are very special to me.

One of my most precious and favorite pictures taken of me and Micah. This picture is of us still in the hospital, he's only a couple of days old.

Dedication Sunday

Micah's FIRST mohawk

Halloween 2009
Winter 2009
Jump to Winter 2010
I am beginning to notice how organized Micah is and how he likes to play. Check out those cars nicely lined up on the window sill.
Sometimes I affectionally call Micah, "Linus" cause he loves to carry his blanket and binky everywhere.

Micah LOVES cars and balls. I really should count all the cars and balls that he owns... but I know I will lose count because he has sooooo many.

Micah, I love you so much.


Kelly said...

so, so SWEET! love it! happy birthday to little man #1!!

Kristyn said...

How sweet!!! I love love love that last picture!!! He's one cutie!