Saturday, January 8, 2011

Micahs 2nd Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Micah!!! Yes, my son is now a 2 year old and we celebrated by having an Astros Baseball Birthday Party. We had a wonderful time and everything turned out wonderful for a "small" (nothing in our family ever ends up being small) family party.

Homemade cupcakes. Yes, even the toppers are homemade. :O)

Notice the baseball tattoo. The tattoos and silly straw cups were our party favors.

Happy Birthday Micah, we love you!!!!


Emily said...

So cute! I love that y'all were all dressed up for it! I can't believe how old he looks. I think he got older looking overnight. And cute cupcakes--I'm impressed!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Awesome job! Everything turned out great!!!

Kristyn said...

Very cute job!!!! I love all of it! I can't believe that he's actually 2!!! Time has just flown by!!!