Monday, February 6, 2012


Yesterday was a bittersweet day for us. We announced to our church family that we are moving on. To accurately tell the story, let me go back in time 4 years. It was just Daniel, Caitlyn and I four years ago. We had met some new friends and were off to enjoy dinner with them at their home. Daniel and I were discussing how he really respected this man and how I should hear him preach. Then Daniel uttered those words that made me nervous... "If he would start a church, I would follow him." Daniel had a good job then. We had some stability and I thought there was possibly room for growth and moving up. Nope, God had different plans for us. We enjoyed dinner together. Daniel and Jason hung out and talked while Emily and I hung out and watched our two little girls play together. On our way home, Daniel told me that during his and Jason's conversation that he had told him that if Jason ever started a church, we would follow. He also told me that Jason's response was some thing like "God has been dealing with me about this for a few months." So... now it looks like we are going to start a church. I remember feeling nervous. But I also remember Daniel calming my nerves saying that it probably wont happen for a year or so... there was lots to plan and we needed to continue to pray over it. Lets jump forward just a few months. Within this time God had given me the excitement and interest in starting a church too. Yes, I was still unsure of the unknown... but still was very excited about what was going to happen. Also during this time Daniel had quit his job that provided stability, we started a home church which quickly turned into us opening our doors in June. Yup... that was NOT a year later. At most... it was 6 months. God had different plans than we did. During that time, I had learned that even though it was scary in the physical level, wondering were money would come from to pay bills, what would we do without insurance and so on. During my most needed time, God was there and He was extremely faithful and met our needs more than I could ever imagine He to do. As stressful of a time I remember that it was, it actually is one of my favorite times of my life. Because like the stories in the bible... I could SEE God moving and things happening ONLY because God made it work. What an amazing time in my life and I am truly grateful that God chose me to be a part of it.

I have truly enjoyed watching Daniel embrace this time too. I've enjoyed watching him be more and more passionate of pursuing worship and how to push farther and farther into God's presence.
So we started in Mitchell Intermediate and quickly needed to move into a larger building, The Woodlands High School. Wow... it's amazing what God has done in just a short 4 years. I am amazed and truly blessed to have been a part of something so wonderful.
So now, four years later... with bittersweet feelings, God is moving us on. I believe that what God has specifically called us to do, the Pratt family with Woodlands Point... we have done and now its time to move on to what He is calling us to do next. Yup, I got those feelings again of the unsure of the unknown. BUT, God has always been faithful and I know that again, exciting times are ahead of us if we obey.
To partially quote my husband, "It has been my privilege to have worshipped side by side with the family of Woodlands Point for the last 4 years. We love you and will miss you all."


Lacey said...

I know God has big plans for you guys. It has been amazing having Daniel be our worship leader these last four years. AMAZING!!! We will miss you guys, but are happy for your new opportunity and hope we will still see you guys around!!

Kristyn said...

WHAT?! For those of us who don't live around you, I'm in complete suspense!!! What the heck are you guys going to do? :)

ashley said...

I remember when Daniel started leading worship for Element back at FOTW. I'll never forget when Keith announced that you guys were expecting your 1st baby & we took up a collection for you guys.
I found WPCC through Daniel's Myspace page back when the church first started. We were starting to look for a new church home at the time. We were there from the 1st day at Mitchell & never looked back.
Daniel has grown so much as a worship leader & it's been amazing to see how he's taught so many people how to really worship & to worship freely. God has used Daniel in big ways & I'm confident that God will continue to use Daniel through the gift of music that he's given him.
I have so much love & respect for you guys! WPCC will not be the same without you guys! Praying for God's peace as you follow his will for your family! I know one thing though, wherever you guys end up is one lucky church!
Chrissy, I will never forget sitting in Dr. Rawson's office on the verge of tears after having my 2nd miscarriage & you walked in the door. I was having such a hard time being in the waiting room with all these pregnant ladies & you walked in & sat next to me. You knew I was hurting & asked me how I was doing, but you changed the subject to help get my mind of my pain. You helped distract me & calm my nerves that day & I just want you to know how much that meant to me & how I will always be thankful for you.
P.S. Since I will no longer be seeing you on weekly basis, I'm requesting updated to your blog or posts of FB so I can continue to keep up with your beautiful family.

Emily said...

I remember that night so well! I will never forget it. We love you and your family so much and we are thankful for the time we have had together and the journey we have been one. It has been amazing! I know God will use y'all in amazing ways to bring glory to Him in your new church. We are excited for y'all, but we will surely miss you, too. Love you!