Friday, February 10, 2012

If it is not one thing...

I was so excited to finally (a few weeks back) get the garage cleaned out to be able to park "The Beast" (my blue expedition) inside. I love pulling into the driveway and pushing the button on my remote control and seeing the garage door quietly open to a clean and organized garage and welcome me home. :O) What a great feeling to load and unload 3 kids from the car without worrying what the weather is like outside. Well... until we figure out what went wrong and get it fixed, Im not gonna feel that feeling for a while. Hmmmm. Last night, we came home and opened the garage and then tried to close the door. It made the most horrible noise. Yup... somehow it shifted and is not working. *sniff* So, D and I manually closed the door and "The Beast" is parked outside in its old parking spot. To make matters worse... it's raining today. :O/

Really... this is not a big deal, the world is not going to end and I can live with the garage door being broken. It's just what is new and "exciting" and what makes our lives here in the Pratt household interesting.


Ashley McWhorter said...

Tell Daniel to call Conn. Ours did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. We had a garage guy come out for FREE and tell us what was wrong (Ha!) and then give us an estimate. Conn went and bought the parts himself and then he and my dad fixed it for over $100 cheaper than what they had quoted us.