Friday, April 6, 2012

iPhone Pictures

I was going through my iPhone yesterday and noticed that I had quite a few pictures on it that I haven't blogged about. So here they are.

A month to a couple of months ago we noticed these on Kys feet. Poor baby, we realized he had Hand Foot Mouth, something that usually babies under two get. Luckily he only got it on his feet, but they do look mean.
We LOVE playground days... and LOVE may be an understatement.
Caitlyn and I stumbled upon a website that has LOTS of cute hairstyles for little girls... here is one of our favorites.
This is just precious and captures one of Ky's quiet funny sides.
I really do enjoy having my boys match. They match in a cool way. BATMAN!!!
Those silly boys again.
And again!
Fishing with Daddy in Tiki, March 2012
Micah caught his FIRST fish!!! Look at that proud boy! (and also that this big boy put his shoes on the wrong feet... makes this picture that much more precious to me. He is growing up.)


Emily said...

Sweet pictures!!! I miss seeing all of you!

Kristyn said...

They are so cute! I love how much they look like each other and then having them match! Priceless :) Caitlyn's hair looked great!!! I can't wait to do things like that with my girls hair.