Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bad day

Wow, If I knew yesterday morning what was going to happen yesterday... I would have stayed in bed.  Actually the day started off pretty well.  We went about our routine, breakfast and then off to the gym for my 9:15 class.  At the end of class I got called out cause Ky had a small fever.  I quickly grabbed my things, signed my kiddos out and verified who I am by showing my id.  We came home and everyone took a much needed nap.  I cleaned the house and at about 5:00pm loaded kids up in the car to get some necessities from the store.  Once in the car, I realized that I didn't have my wallet with me.  I ran back in to look in my gym bag... nope, not there either.  My wallet was missing and I couldn't find it anywhere.  I called Daniel, who was at the Astros game with Micah and he cancelled my debit card for me.  Luckily, even after a full day... there was no activity on the card.  Thank you Jesus.  I have no clue where it can be, I already checked with the club and they don't have it.  All in all, I understand it's just a wallet and the cards inside can be cancelled and reordered.  BUT, what has brought me to tears were these 3 photos that were in my wallet is now gone.  LUCKILY I had taken a picture of these photos for this game I was playing, so I still have some form of the picture to keep, but it's not the same.  The top picture is of Daniel and I in Dallas when he came to my flight attendant graduation, we had just started dating.  Then there is his drivers license picture... I just thought that he looked hot in it. :O)  Then there is the picture that is one of the oldest I have with Daniel, back in 96' we were at the olympics and this was our "gansta pic."  Here is to hoping that one day I'll get that wallet back.      


Anonymous said...

I hope you get it back too, that is frustrating! I lost my day planner a few years ago, I practically went into mourning.

Emily said...

Oh no!! How devastating it is to lose something so precious to us. I hope you find your wallet. And I'm so glad you have pictures of your pictures!!