Monday, September 14, 2009

Caitlyns First Day of Preschool

Today was Caitlyn's first day of preschool. To say that she was excited to go... well that is an understatement. We were discussing in the car that the proper word for her feelings is "thrilled." She was literally thrilled to go. We left early so that we could walk around some and take our time and not be rushed. We had a great time. Pictures are below of our "killing time" pictures.

I dropped her off in her classroom and she just walked right on in. I had to get her attention to get her to come back and give me hugs and kisses. *sniff*

She had a great day! I am so proud of her and she is looking forward to going back on Wednesday!


Emily said...

What cute pictures. I'm so glad she had such a great first day!! And I know you'll enjoy those days she's at school, too.

Lacey said...

sweet girl. Glad she LOVED it! I bet her teacher is loving having her in class too!!

Kristyn said...

such a sweet beautiful girl. I'm glad she a great time at school. They get so big so fast!!