Thursday, September 24, 2009


I love coupons. I love cutting coupons. I love printing coupons. I LOVE coupons. I love the thought of getting something at a fraction of the cost and that I found a way to do that. So, yes... you guessed it... I love coupons. :o)

I do think it is therapeutic to cut them, to file them and then to price compare at the store... which is item better and so on. Well, I had a little file packet that I kept in my purse with ALL my coupons. I loved having them with me, but didnt like the organization of how it was at all. I kept on thinking there is a better way. Well, the other day I ran into a lady and saw this really great book that had ALL of her coupons laid out in front of her. Easy to see all and no flipping through them to see what 50 cents I could save now. I had to stop her and ask where she got this amazing thing. She told me she made it and was trying to start a little business to sell them. I asked how much, she told me $20. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!! I thought at first, I can make that. But then thought... buying all the things that I would need for it would cost way more than $20 and my time. So I told her that I would buy one. I had this coupon folder in a couple of days. And if I wanted to, I could have custom ordered it... the colors I want, ribbon I want, how it should be organized, and so on. So here are a few pics of it and if you're interested, I will give you her number. I love mine and completely satisfied with it.


Sandra Kozlowski said...

I could TOTALLY make that...especially with my bind-it-all!! I wonder where she got those neat pocket things???

Sandra Kozlowski said...

Ok...that WAS a lot of work. I was thinking of copying her and trying my hand at making those and selling....BUT NO THANKS!!!! I agree with supporting us stay at homers. lol

Scoop said...

That is cool! I used to be an avid coupon clipper before we moved to Angola, now, of course, there are no such things as coupons here. But, if you're serious about coupons and saving money, you should check out this website

They list what's on sale at stores each week, and the best coupons to use (according to what's in the Sunday newspapers). I used to be totally addicted to it.

Jen said...

Oooh, I love coupons too! I want one of those! I 'll def take her number!