Friday, June 25, 2010

This Past Week

As many of you know, Daniel had a youth camp to play at this past week with WoodsEdge. Oh how I missed him and glad he is back home. Now knowing that, he had his computer with him and that makes it really hard for me to blog, especially from my iPhone. So, here are a few pictures from this past week.

On Tuesday Caitlyn got to go to her Nonni's house to have her piano lesson and then spend the rest of the day... and night with Nonni and her cousin, Sarah. Just the girls. They had a blast. Well, actually Nonni tortured them the entire time she had them. She had the nerve to take them to Chick fil a for lunch and then Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Then they stayed up a bit and she read them books before bed. In the morning she forced them to have fun in the pool and sprinkler. :O) I know that they had a blast and I am wondering how Nonni is gonna top this sleepover. So this picture is of Caitlyn, on our way to Nonni's.
Daniel has been actually interested in gardening this past Spring. He started up a vegetable garden and then in the corner of our yard planted some sunflower seeds. Here is our very first Sunflower, and it popped up while he was gone this past week. I texted him the photo tho so he could see it. Look how tall it is... that is the top of the fence you see behind the flower.
My Micah is such a good boy... but oh how he is busy and keeps me on my toes. I do love the little surprises around every corner... or at least in this drawer. This is in my bathroom and it is my hair accessory drawer. Baseballs belong in a hair accessory drawer, dont they???

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ok, I know I am not the only one out there that has at least ONE OCD tendency. If I sit here long enough I could probably think of a few. Actually, here are a few.

1.) I never close cabinet doors. It really drives Daniel nuts...cause he runs right into them cause of his height. I can easily walk under them...but not him. The reason I hate to close cabinet doors...I HATE the noise it makes. I dont like the slam!

2.) To put my makeup on...I sit
not on the bathroom counter... but in the bathroom sink. It is more comfortable that way. Well, this is what I do when Im not pregnant. Now, I HAVE to sit in a chair.

3.) When it is cold outside, at bedtime I tuck my pjs into my socks. I look my sexiest when I do that. ;)

4.) I hate for my food to touch and mix with each other. I realized this quirk when I was a flight attendant and my roommate at our hotel/apartment went and got/brought us back breakfast. On my plate she had all my favorites and with a napkin...she got a napkin, rolled it up and separated my food choices. :) I thought that was the sweetest thing she could do...cause it showed me that she really knew me...but then wigged me out...cause that showed me that I was weird.

5.) If I am cooking...the kitchen LOOKS like someone has been cooking in it...there are ingredients, utensils and such all over the counters. But if Daniel is cooking...I am right behind him picking/cleaning up EVERYTHING and putting it away... even when he is not done with it. Ex. He could go to the drawer, get a spoon to stir something, stir, put it down to get something out of the pantry. That is when I swoop in and put it in the dishwasher. Daniel gets frustrated cause he needs that spoon to mix in the ingredients from the pantry.

6.) This one is not big...but everytime I go to get my hair done at the salon...I have to go home and style it myself. The hairstylist could have done an amazing job...but still no matter what...I have to go fix it myself at home.

7.) I cannot stand buffets. I will only go if I HAVE to. The reason for this quirk:
I have seen a kid drop a buffet utensil on the floor, say oops and then put in back in the food.

But recently, last night actually. My friends sweetly informed me that I may need to go see a doctor when they heard of my latest OCD. I found out that not only do I not like my food to touch... I am freaking out about Micah and Ky's clothes touching in the drawer. I am sure that once Ky is here and I will have 3 kids to keep up with, I will quickly get over it. BUT, for right now as I am starting my nesting process, I am wigging out just a bit that their clothes are gonna touch. Not because of cooties or anything like that, but I just would hate to have Ky miss out on wearing something that gets pushed to the back of the drawer cause of Micah's big boy clothes are in the way. :O) So how am I gonna remedy this? I got a LUVs diaper box and cut it in half and now the drawers will have "sections."

Oh, I feel much better. :O)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello New Puppy

Daniel completely surprised me with a puppy today. I had no clue. None. He brought me home a full blooded teacup pomeranian. She's such a cutie. Im still trying to pick a name for her, I hate that she doesnt have a name but I am not sure of one now. Cutie, Tink (tinkerbell), Princess are all names that I have entertained but decided not to keep.
Off to bed... I'll blog more later.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Shoo-ce (Shoes)

Micah has been quite the talker lately. There are a few words that he has down that we KNOWwhat exactly he is trying to say.
Shoo-ce (Shoes)
Eeeet (Eat)
Fa-Fish (Goldfish)
Bice (Bite)
Bar (Nutragrain Bar)
Tank ooo (Thank you)
Peees (Please)
Uh (Up)
Doh (Down)
Kay-Kee (Caitlyn)
Da-Deee (Daddy)
Ma-Mee (Mommy)
Byee-Byee (Bye-bye)
Bah (Ball)
Nigh-Nigh (Night Night)
Those are some of the words that I know for certain off the top of my head. A couple of things that he loves to play with are balls, baseballs, golfballs, footballs, beachballs and so on. Also he loves to wear shoes. He is pretty adamant about wearing shoes or shoo-ce as he calls them, ALL the time. I have even put him down for a nap, took his shoes off and put them in the corner of the crib. Then go in to check on him to find him sleeping... with his shoes on. Such a silly boy and he makes me laugh all the time. He definitely knows how to entertain a crowd.

Brother and sister time, watching Rachel Ray. (Notice he is wearing his shoes in this picture, even now)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Caitlyn Rayne

Happy Birthday Caitlyn Rayne. I cannot believe you are five today. Wow, when they say time flies, it really does. You were just my itty bitty baby just the other day. You are such a sweet little precious girl. I love you and so proud of you. Have a wonderful birthday.

Monday, June 7, 2010

If Caitlyn can do it...

If Caitlyn can manage 3 babies... I guess I can too. (I LOVE how they are all squished in this umbrella stroller with one hanging off the back) I guess I now have no worries when Ky gets here. :O)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BLOGS and Pregnancy

I was talking with my good friend, Emily the other day and we were discussing our blogs. What we thought about them, what we thought about what we wrote, if anyone read them at all and how in the world could we get them printed for scrap book reasons. I have heard for a while that there is a program out there that is pretty awesome that you could use... but I havent seen it or heard it actually being used. Hmmmm. BUT, I do know that I can do the simple print out on my computer. It's not flashy, but it works. Now knowing that, I now really want to update my blog regularly so that I have a pretty good record of memories "IN" my hands.
So, here goes:
I am 31 weeks today and progressing nicely. Basically I look like I have a basketball under my shirt, at least that is what I hear and that people say Im not carrying any where else. That's good, who really wants to carry the baby weight anywhere else. I'm feeling ok, back hurts a bit tho and it's only gonna get hotter outside. YUCK Good thing there is a pool down the street and a small version of a pool in our back yard that I could cool off in. After last weeks check up I have come to the conclusion that 1.) I have only 14 more pounds to go before Ky's delivery, before I go past my final weight gain of both Caitlyn and Micah. YIKES, think I can do it??? 2.) My tummy is measuring about 6 weeks bigger than usual. BUT, thats ok cause my wonderful doctor told me not to worry about the tummy measurement numbers. "On 2nd or 3rd baby... you're all stretched out so the numbers really dont mean anything, we really dont look at the numbers anymore." Im thinking, great... what a way to make a woman feel good about herself, you're all stretched out. Ha, I laugh about it pretty often actually. Here's a picture of me and my belly at 31 weeks.

What is this little guys name gonna be? We have chosen only the first name for sure. Nick name and middle name are still unsure. His name will be Malachi. We want to call him Ky... but how are we gonna spell it? Ky, Chi, Kai? I think it will probably be Ky. When I see Chi... I think ch-ee.
Middle name - William (my dads name), Frederick (daniel's dad's name), Christian or Christopher.
So this is what is going on in our lives these days. :O)