Friday, December 3, 2010

Polar Express (Thanksgiving Weekend Part 2)

Our Thanksgiving weekend was soooo fun. Thanksgiving Day was great and we had more to look forward to for the weekend. Daniel's parents took us, Daniel's sister's family and his Aunts family to the Polar Express on Friday night. So fun and some wonderful memories were made. The Polar Express is totally for kids... but watching their faces light up or be excited in anticipation makes it totally worth it for the parents. We had a blast.

Waiting for the train to arrive... It was cold out there. Oh, I am sure you are thinking... "It's cold out there and all she dressed her babies in are pj's???? Well, yes. But only on top. Both Caitlyn and Micah have warm stuff layered under their pj's. They were very toasty.
My Moby baby, Ky. He loved this thing, but who wouldnt love being held 24/7.
My niece Sarah and Caitlyn, best buds waiting for the train.
My niece Sarah, 2nd cousin Will and Caitlyn watching the Polar Express movie while we waited on the train to arrive. 3 hineys in the air... a photo op you can't pass up.
Caitlyn and her Nonni... waiting.
Daniel and Micah... waiting
Yay... we finally made it on the train after a 45 minute wait. Micah and his Papa Fred. Micah sat in the same seat with his Nonni, Papa and cousin Storm. It was a wild seat with 2 wild boys.
Sarah and Caitlyn thrilled to be on the train
Ky, within the past month or so is really starting to bond well with Daddy.
Daniel trying to talk Caitlyn into joining Sarah and go dance in the aisle. Caitlyn wasnt too sure of it. Yes, she is my cautious one.
Me and my handsome hubby. I think this is the only time the whole time I didnt have something in my hands. There was lots to hold and not a lot of room to put down.
See. (Moby-ing Ky, 2 hot chocolates, tickets to give to conductor who was coming down the aisle, I think I had rice crispy treats in my lap, and of course after this picture was taken, the camera too. :O)
Micah getting his bell from Santa.
So much fun. I am so glad that we got the opportunity to go. I hope that my kiddos will remember this day. I know Micah and Ky wont, but Caitlyn probably will and I hope it will be one really special memory that she has with her family.


Kristyn said...

How much fun!!!! I want to take my kids next year! I think they will enjoy it more since they'll be another year older :) LOVE that hat by the way! Very cute! And you did a great job multi-tasking.

ashley said...

How fun! We went last year with my parents, my siblings, & all their kiddos! The kids had a blast, but we all loved it too!

Lauren @ Team Giles said...

You're rockin' that hat! :)