Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankgiving Weekend Part 3

The last part of our Thanksgiving weekend was something I will remember for a very long time. At first when I heard of a Drive Thru Safari, I thought all we were going to do was "drive thru" and look at animals. Well, we did do that... but we got to roll down our windows and feed these animals. That made a huge difference in what our experience would be. I actually had a BLAST. Ok, I have seen these animals at the zoo before, but there is a huge difference when they are popping their head into your car window and are inches from your face. WOW. The camel freaked me out the most, he was not aware of personal space AT ALL. Caitlyn rode in her Nonni and Papa Fred's car with her cousin Sarah. Micah and Ky were in our car. Ky slept through the entire thing. Micah was very excited to see the animals... but once the camel invaded our space, he freaked out and sat on my lap with his beloved binki and blanket.

At the beginning of our trip, Micah sat in daddy's lap.

Here he comes!!!

Trying to help Micah feel better.
Ummmm, driving the car in the big open field was what ACTUALLY made him feel better. "Watch where you're going!"
We had a really great Thanksgiving holiday this year.


ashley said...

Wow! Where is this Safari? It sounds like lots of fun!