Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankgiving Weekend Part 1

I got the chance to host Thanksgiving at my home this year. Whew... thats a big job but I am glad to say that we did it and now I feel accomplished. I now have nothing to fear, I actually CAN host and cook Thanksgiving dinner. Well, actually... my mom, sister in law and I divided the menu up... but still it is a big job and someone had to do it. :O)

Since it is not too often that we all get together, we tried to get a family photo... ummmm, not sure if they turned out too great.

My nephew, Gabe's feet are on my mom's head. Ky's not paying attention.
Daniel is about to sneeze in this photo.
Caitlyn's eyes are closed.
We just weren't ready. HAHA

Guess we need to try again.


ashley said...

Wow, you're a brave woman to host Thanksgiving! Looks like you did a great job & that you had a wonderful time!