Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not the best VDay

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends. I hope you all had a great day. Me... I think I will consider it not one of my best Valentines day... and I never want to have one like it ever. Actually the day started off nice. I gave my babies their valentines and then sent Caitlyn off to school promising to see her at 1:30 for her class party. I was excited and looked forward to seeing her and having that time with her, just mommy and Caitlyn... and 17 other classmates. But then, I started feeling horrible. Long story short, I did go to her party and we had a great time... but I was eager to get home. We got in the car, backed out of the parking space and then CRASH!!!! Yup, I backed into a parked car. Sheesh, my very first wreck ever. I have never been a fan of the parking lot at Caitlyn's school. There are only so many parking spots... so parents will also park along the sidewalk, behind the parked cars. It's not illegal.... its just a huge inconvenience. It wasn't a horrible crash, just gave my car a small dent and a dent in the other peoples car as well. I waited with Caitlyn for the car's owner, who ended up being very nice and understanding. I gave her my info and now I am waiting for the insurance to call and tell me they are wanting raise my payments. Let's hope for accident forgiveness. Happy Waiting Everyone.


Sandra Kozlowski said...

First accident? Fender Bender? I bet your insurance will not go up!! Stinks...I have had my fair share of em....not too many, but I do not think it ever raised my insurance.

staciemarkcoop said...

I'm impressed that you haven't had an accident before this! But I know how nerve wracking that is. Sorry about your not-so-good Valentine's Day.