Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There's traffic in Micah Land.
When you look at this, all you may see are some toys lined up. What I see is organization and order. I thought I understood the mind of a 2 year old and what a 2 year old can do because of going through it with Caitlyn. But I am quickly and continuing to find out how different Micah is from her and in my opinion, from a lot of other 2 year olds. I know every little one is different and I LOVE seeing the difference in Caitlyn and Micah and I really cant wait to see how in the world Ky can be different from them. But, this is one of the places where Micah shines. Please, let me brag. :O) Really, how normal is it for a 2 year 1 month old little BOY to be so organized and extremely good at putting toys away??? I think I would expect it from a girl... but I have always thought of boys to be completely messy. Yes, he does have his moments, but he also has these "line everything up" moments. WOW. Im a proud mamma, can't you tell???