Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're Going Camping

Oh goodness, it's actually gonna happen. We are gonna go camping for Spring Break this year. Daniel has grown up camping and has many wonderful memories from it, so many that he wanted to start the tradition for our family. I grew up going on traveling vacations and staying in nice hotels... far different from camping. If you know me... Im a girly girl and camping just doesn't seem to be my thing... but it will be now. Now, I have done mission trips and youth camp trips and so on... so I have done my share of "roughing it," but when I think of vacation, usually I think of relaxing, sleeping in, going somewhere new and exciting. Camp ground bathrooms aren't really exciting and I KNOW they aren't new. :O)

But honestly, I am getting excited about this. Seeing Caitlyn talk more and more each day about going camping and spending time with her cousins is making me excited. Seeing Daniel's eyes light up when he talks about it or is shopping for the camping gear is making me excited. I think we are gonna have a wonderful time making wonderful memories... stinky bathrooms and all.

Think this is gonna be us??? Haha


Emily said...

I can hear it now... "Kum ba ya, my Lord..."

Have fun!!!

ashley said...

I'm with you Chrissy, camping is not so much my thing. However, the few times I have gone camping I had such a good time & wonderful memories! I was very excited about taking a shower in my own shower when it was over & sleeping in my own bed, but it was worth it. Have fun!

Ashley said...

Oh! So fun! I can't wait to take our kids camping! Where are y'all going?!!

Kristyn said...

Oh the days of camping! We went lots as kids, but now I'm just not too into it. Maybe when the kids get older. Have fun!!!