Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Caitlyn's Funny Story

*disclaimer* I have got to write this story down before I forget it and it really is worth documenting. This story includes Caitlyn's first cuss word. Not that I really think hearing a cuss word out of my precious first borns mouth is funny... she is only 6. BUT, what made it funny was the story that went with it and the fact that I truly think she had no clue that it was a cuss word.

This past summer we have had quite a drought and the bugs have been coming inside to find water, particularly the ants and spiders. Caitlyn was in her bathroom and taking a bath and noticed a couple of small spiders in the linen closet. She called me and made me aware of the situation and wanted me to spray them with bug spray. I came back after retrieving the spray and began spraying the spiders.
Caitlyn then informed me, "Mom, I bet the spiders see you coming and they say D@m^."
"What did you say????"
"Mom, I bet the spiders see you coming and they say D@m^."
"What?????" I could not believe what I was hearing and I kept thinking I was hearing her wrong.
She repeated it again, "Mom, I bet the spiders see you coming and they say D@m^."
I then asked her, "Caitlyn, are you saying D@m^?"
"Yes" she told me very sweetly.
I then told her in my mommy voice, "Oh Caitlyn, that is a cuss word and we don't talk like that. You're a young lady and need to talk nicely. Some people, mainly adults choose to say cuss words when they are frustrated."
Caitlyn then, very simply informed me, "Momma, I am sure those spiders are frustrated."

I can't argue with that. :O)


Emily said...

That is way too funny! I can just see her sweet little self saying that and it cracks me up!

Kristyn said...

cute! thats a good story to write down! :)