Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oldies But Cuties - Caitlyn

I had to get on our back up hard drive yesterday... something that I rarely do considering it is a hard drive that is not in this computer. It's a little black box that I have to hook up two or three cords to and then push this button and then that button and then spin around and do a little dance to open it... or at least that is how I feel. But I forget that on this crazy black hard drive box-ey thingy, are some really great pictures from the old days. There are way too many to put them all up on here... but I picked out a few that I thought I may not have posted yet and that I would eventually want documented when I get my blog published in a book for keepsake purposes. Here are a few that I found of my first Angel Baby, Caitlyn.
This picture was taken right before her 3rd birthday party. I have no clue what got her upset, but even though she is crying in this picture... she still is cute.