Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary Baby

9 years ago... these 2 cuties got married.
9 years later... We celebrated by going to Kemah. At 3:30pm, Daniel texted me asking me what we were doing for dinner because he was not scheduled to work. I said, I don't know, we could take the kids somewhere or maybe go somewhere for our anniversary. He then replied... if we were gonna celebrate it, that was the night to do it... the rest of his week was booked. Ok, we were going on a date!!! He said, find a sitter. She arrived at 5:30pm and off we went to Kemah, an hour and a half away, with traffic. I have to say, even though it was last minute for us, and really, we don't go nuts and plan for weeks how we are gonna celebrate (maybe we should.) But, it definitely was made special. Daniel and I like to celebrate our anniversary, but in Daniel's words, "Not that we MADE it another year. But that we are just celebrating those years and the years to come."

Us at the sushi restaurant, Red. I have no clue why the picture turned out like it did, but oh well... it's the only one we have of us.
After dinner we went on a walk. Daniel took me on a Ferris Wheel ride. It really was fun and it reminded us of the time we rode the huge Ferris Wheel in Chicago at Navy Pier. But riding the Ferris Wheel still freaks me out a bit. We then fed some fish. I had to take a picture of it... the fish all clumped together looked weird to me. Daniel also requested that I not drop my phone in the water.
After our wonderful, spur of the moment date that my husband wonderfully put together for us. We made it home from Kemah by 10pm, "because we are just that old." - Daniel

I love my husband and look forward to the many more years we get to spend together. I'm a lucky woman.


Emily said...

Ha ha, love the red picture! That's funny. Glad y'all had a fun date!!