Monday, September 19, 2011

Napa - An Anniversary Celebration (Part 2)

After a short rest in our lodge, we then got ready for our first night out for dinner. Of course we had to take a picture or two before we walked to dinner.
On our walk to dinner, we stopped at Calistoga Ranch's Wine Cave. Of course this picture I took from the website so you could see how beautiful it was on the outside...
... and this picture we took so you could see how beautiful it was on the inside.
We chose to eat at The Lakehouse. It was the restaurant that was part of the place we stayed in Calistoga Ranch. One thing that made it pretty cool was that you had to be staying at Calistoga Ranch to eat there, it was not open to the public. (website picture)
My precious friend, Tracy before dinner was ordered. Picture One
Picture Two.
Dinner was delicious, I cant believe I didn't take a picture of it. BUT, I did take a picture of my dessert. It looks like I just had a stick of butter, but it actually is a cheesecake and it was yummy.

After dinner we came back to our beautiful room and were surprised that the maid service came back out to turn down the beds. Wow, I have never stayed at a place where the maid service visit your room more than once. This is what we came back to our first night...


Anonymous said...

Lovely! What a nice celebration of your anniversary!