Friday, September 23, 2011

Napa - An Anniversary Celebration (Part 4)

We had 4 vineyards to visit on Friday and so we needed to hurry and move on from our first visit from Staglin Vineyard and move on to Fisher Vineyard. I am going to emphasize the word "hurry." Unfortunately our driver was late when he first picked us up from our Lodge, late enough to where it "encouraged" him to drive speedy... which is where he earned the name, Ricky Bobby from Teladega Nights... sometimes we called him Scotty Bobby. While we were at Staglin Vineyards, I over heard the conversation that "the Fisher Vineyards view is beautiful up there, but the road to get there is a bit curvy." What??? How curvy??? Oh goodness... it was nauseating curvy. No joke. Scott had a way about his driving, he liked to accelerate fast and break fast for the curves. 20 minutes later and arriving at our destination... I felt horrible. I felt horrible because I actually "felt" sick and also felt bad that the beautiful lunch we were to share with Cameron Fisher, I had absolutely no appetite for. After hearing how horrible I felt, Jason asked Scott if he could go back down the hill and get me a sprite or something that can ease my stomach... cause for some reason... they only had wine at a vineyard. :O) Scott returned with a bottle of Sprite and some Dramamine. THANK YOU!!! On a side note... one of the portions served for our lunch was a tomato salad... that Daniel ate and loved!!!
After lunch, we then went on a tour. Below is a picture of us going downstairs into their mountain where they stored their wine. It amazes me how cool it is in a mountain... they don't need to air condition it at all.
Well, it was time to pack up and move on... we were running about 30 minutes late... again. I was nervous because I have not yet gotten back to feeling 100% well again and we had to go back down the mountain. This time around I sat in the front seat (I felt so horrible that 2 grown men and Tracy had to sit in the back, while I sat in the front) just so that I could concentrate on the road and not get as motion sick as I would if I were to sit in the backseat. It did not work. We ALMOST made it to our destination. We entered into Francesca Vineyard and hit a speedbump... oops. Speedbump 1... I'm ok, kinda. Speedbump 2... "Pull Over, Scott!!!" Yes, I threw up at the entrance to that beautiful vineyard. So, remember that yummy breakfast that I had, the Huevos Rancheros that I said I wanted to have again and again... I changed my mind. Karen, I believe her name was, our hostess completely was sympathetic to us and molded our visit to our needs. We had a wonderful time.
While we were enjoying our wine tasting, we noticed that on the wine corks, that each one had a different "fortune cookie" saying on it. We asked about it and she told us a story that I cant really recall except that this cute little girl came up with the idea and nick named it "fortune corkies." Clever.

This one was probably my favorite "fortune corkie." A good sermon should be like a womans skirt; short enough to rouse the interest, but long enough to cover the essentials. - Ronald Knox


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Oh No!!!! You poor thing! There is very little worse than that feeling of nausea from motion sickness.