Thursday, September 8, 2011

Napa - An Anniversary Celebration (Part 1)

A few months back, we were at dinner with friends of ours, Jason and Tracy Elliott and Daniel asked me where I would like to go for our anniversary this year. I just looked at him with a blank stare and had no clue what to say. Usually what we do for our anniversary is a dinner together... but never a trip somewhere. I then started thinking of some places around here... like a weekend to Austin, San Antonio (where our honeymoon was) or perhaps even Galveston. All would be great because all would be a weekend away with my husband. He then told me to think on a larger scale and then he suggested Napa. "REALLY??? Is that even possible??? A trip to NAPA???" Yes, I heard him right and to make it even better, our friends wanted to go as well to celebrate their anniversary too. Yay, so we started making arrangements to make this wonderful trip happen.
We left EARLY Thursday morning and headed to the airport. I don't love the idea of leaving super early, but I do love the idea of arriving at your destination early in the day so that you have an entire day to enjoy and not waste. We arrived in San Francisco. Oh my goodness, the weather was amazing. We had left weather in Houston at 106 degrees and flew into San Fran at 66. It was soooooo nice.
First stop, we went to a restaurant in Fisherman's Warf and ate on the patio, overlooking the bay and Alcatraz. What a view.
The restaurant we ate at was called Boudin. A delicious place to eat at. They have wonderful food, but they are known for their bread. They bake the bread fresh every day and then to cool them off, they place the bread in baskets that hang from a track that travels throughout the store. You can kinda see one of the baskets hanging next to the store sign.
First meal in California... fish tacos.

We then headed to Calistoga Ranch, our home away from home. Oh, it was heaven to stay there. We were amazed at how beautiful our place was. Check it out:

This was the main building, it is what we arrived to. Only there were always gentlemen outside welcoming guests and offering to drive us in a golf cart to our lodge.
Our lodge consisted of two rooms separated by a deck. The deck and this room pictured below shared a fireplace. The fireplace is located under the tv on the right. Below is our sitting room.

This is the other room, the bed is facing the deck.
Our bathroom was beautiful.
LOOOOOOK at this outside shower. Complete privacy and completely awesome to get to shower under the stars.


Kristyn said...

WOW! How fun!!! I'm glad that you guys had a great anniversary weekend away with your man! :)

Jen said...

Looks like it's so nice! I have never been but always wanted to go! The place you stayed looks unreal!

LPotter said...

Oh it looked like a blast and it was so beautiful! Glad you both were able to get away for your special day:)

Lacey said...

What a wonderful trip!! Looks beautiful and looks like it was a GREAT time!!