Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oldies (Not Really) But Cuties - Ky

Considering my 3rd Angel Baby is only 14 1/2 months... his pictures aren't really old... but he sure is still a cutie.
- 14 1/2 months old
- Within the last week, he is realizing he can stand.
- Only walks if he is holding onto something.
- Can say Mama, Da Da Da Da, Do (dog), He-oh (hello) But that is all he wants to say. He babbles, but refuses to say specific words for things... "Up, " "More," "All Done." I do notice that he says something that resembles "Thank You" so that makes me happy.
- Sleeps great at night. Because Micah and Ky share a room, Ky is now used to the noise of another person in the room, so when I go check on my boys at night, he doesn't wake up immediately at the sound of the door opening. I can easily cover him, rub his head and stare at him now and it doesn't wake him like it did before... makes momma happy.
- This past month Ky has realized that Daddy is pretty cool! Ky LOVES his daddy. He still is a momma's boy, but gets really excited when daddy walks into the room. I think Ky's absolute favorite thing is wrestling with Daddy in the mornings in our bed.
- We still call Ky "Bucket" once and a while... cause he does still have his fussy times. We call the 10am hour every morning the "Bucket Hour."
- Brinley does not seem to annoy Ky at all. He can hold his own with her. If she is bothering him, Ky tells Brinley what he thinks and pulls her hair. But, she loves Ky and lets him pull her hair everytime. They have a cute little connection between the two of them. I think he won her over by feeding her from his high chair.


Lacey said...

They are all three so cute! Can't believe Ky is 14.5 months already. Time goes by way too quickly.

Jess Richey said...

I love all of these posts!! All 3 are precious!!!